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Compliance Group is a full spectrum service provider to Life Sciences, Tobacco and Cosmetics industries. Our team is comprised of Industry Leaders in Technology, Regulations and Life Sciences processes.

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We understand that Life Sciences companies have the most noble and urgent mission in the world – to save and enhance people’s lives. However, the irony is that this mission entails risks to the very lives of people this industry is trying to save. This is why the industry is heavily regulated and monitored by health agencies across the world. In light of the urgency of its mission and the burden of regulations, life sciences industry presents a unique challenge – it requires solutions that improve product quality, comply with the myriad regulations and at the same time reduce cycle times. It is a hard challenge to tackle because of the conflicting nature of these requirements; and this hard challenge is precisely what Compliance Group companies aim to resolve.

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Whether you are in need for a little guidance or looking for outsourced delivery models, Compliance Group can customize the solution and the appropriate delivery model that fits your specific situation. Explore our Website to find information on our Services, Products and Differentiators. Take advantage of the information in our Webinars section

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American Lung AssociationPathway For Patient Health

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Last but not the least – as a company serving the Life Sciences industry, we firmly believe in giving back to the customers of the industry. Compliance Group is a proud sponsor of “Pathway for Patient Health – Quality Science Education Program” and “American Lung Association".

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